Zach Epstein

After years of clamoring from users all around the world, Netflix finally — and somewhat surprisingly — gave subscribers what they wanted late last month. On November 30th, Netflix announced a new feature that would allow people to download movies and TV shows to watch later. Netflix has long been a wildly popular service and subscriber satisfaction rates are consistently through the roof, but the requirement for users to be online constantly in order to watch videos through Netflix had always been a niggle. By finally supporting downloads and offline viewing, Netflix users are finally able to watch content while offline on a flight, or they can download movies and TV shows over Wi-Fi and watch them later without eating up any cellular data. Of course, with every solution comes new problems: only a limited amount of Netflix content is available to download and watch offline. What happens when something you want to download and watch later isn’t licensed for offline viewing? The answer is you’re out of luck — or at least, that was the answer up until now


Netflix’s own offline viewing feature is remarkably simple to use. Subscribers can either browse the new “Available for Download” section in all of Netflix’s apps, or they can tap the new download icon located next to the share icon on any content that is available for download. Of course, that last bit is key… most Netflix content still isn’t available for download. That’s where Free Netflix comes into play. As the name suggests in the clearest possible terms, Free Netflix is a free app that downloads Netflix content. It was created by software developer , which is essentially the unofficial go-to source for video downloading apps. Beyond this new Netflix tool, the company also makes video for YouTube, , Instagram and more, as well as several video format conversion tools. But needless to say, Free Netflix will instantly become the star of the company’s catalog. The good news is Free Netflix is indeed free, and it’s also very simple to use and remarkably fast thanks to support for downloading. The bad news is that the app doesn’t support video quality, and it’s also only available for Windows computers. That second bit of bad news isn’t too bad though, since the app features an integrated format converter that can output and AVI files for devices and Android devices. One final thing from the website that’s worth noting: products are freeware. In order to maintain product development and provide you with high-quality software, may bundle links to other websites and third-party apps installations including in its products. Every time products are installed, you have an obvious option to accept or opt-out of such installations. In other words, the app is free but if you want to support the developer, you can allow Free Netflix to also install some partner software (that you should definitely uninstall later).


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